What We Do


Grading & Excavations


Who We Are

Local & Community Driven

At Gray Matter Construction we believe what we do isn't just for us.  As industry professionals working decades to make corporate America money we wanted to be different.  That's why ten percent of what we make each year goes back to our local community as donations to our churches, schools and homeless shelters.

Why We're Different

Client Driven

We are  construction experts with over 70 years of combined experience in the construction industry.   We bring large firm expertise and craftsmanship without all of the corporate red tape and expenses.  This allows us to provide you, our customers with a high quality project, while charging a lower cost than our competitors.  We are here to build life long clients and relationships while building a stronger community.

Employee and Family Focused

Our principles are simple, treat our employees like family....because they are.  Our vision is to never lose focus of our people, or lose our small company feel and family oriented values.  When we hire employees we hire them for life, that is, if they'll have us.  We believe the only way to provide our clients the best product possible product is if we go above and beyond to make sure our people are happy, engaged and stick with us.  This has a direct impact on the quality of our work and the happiness of our employees and their families.

Contact Us:

Phone:  303-993-3031

Email:  info@gmc.builders